What is Your Money Personality Type?

5 Money Personality Types. Take the Quiz.

1. Saver


While it’s good that you know where it is going, it pays to question your motives for saving as much as you do. Is it out of fear? And a sense of lack?

If you have saved enough for a rainy day (equivalent to 3 to 6 months income) and are investing some towards your long term goals (like retirement), maybe look at how money can add to the quality of your life. Are there things or experiences you are denying yourself out of this sense of lack? Fear of running out of money? Seek balance in your approach to money.

2. Spender


You enjoy using the money for your immediate pleasure. You get satisfaction from spending money on gifts for others. You find it difficult to save money and prioritize the things you’d like in your life.

 It may be difficult for you to put aside enough money for future-oriented purchases and long-term financial goals. You may spend most or all the money you earn, and you may even be in debt. Compulsive in your spending? Emotional shopper? Ask yourself what need you are trying to meet in your spending habits. Dealing with loneliness? Or the need for approval and acceptance? Can you find different ways of meeting these needs so they don’t cost as much?

3. Accumulator

Motivated by the adage, “Go Big or Go Home”, you like the prestige that comes with money and quality items.  You take risks to see the money grow.  Your moto is Go Big or Go Home!

Ask yourself if your relationship with money is closely tied to your self-worth. Remember, your net-worth is not equal to your self-worth.

4. Money Averse.

You see money as the root of evil and the cause of many social problems in this world.

You may not even be aware of this. Your subconscious mind may be communicating that “rich people are entitled” or “money is what causes problems in our society.” Money is merely a tool. It’s the meaning we ascribe to it that causes the issues we face in regard to money.


5. Money Avoider

You avoid the subject of money like the plague, not because you think money is the root of all evil but because you feel inadequate discussing it.

You worry about it but prefer to keep your head in the sand.

Face your fear of what appears like a daunting subject.  Open your bank and credit card statements or look them up online. Make a list of financial goals, make regular appointments to talk to your banker. Educate yourself on all aspects of money.




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