What’s on Your Bucket List?

Sky diving in Portugal, volunteering in Nigeria, pursuing a double Masters in Europe and riding through the Sahara Desert by camel, surfing in Morocco. That was my daughter’s year!

These are just some of the dreams on her bucket list that she can now say she has done. And she is only twenty-six!

What’s on your bucket list?

One of the aspects of financial advising that I enjoyed immensely was witnessing clients live out their dreams. Going to art school, traveling to Morocco, launching as a standup comedian at age sixty, getting a Ph.D., completing a novel are just some of the dreams I have had the pleasure of seeing clients fulfill. To have been part of the planning and implementation of that plan was most rewarding.

In order to achieve your goals, you must be very clear about what they are.

Wanting to go back to school for a degree? What degree? What do you desire to do, experience or have that would make life a little richer or more meaningful? Make a list.

Know Your “why.

It’s what fuels your passions. Why do you want to go get that art degree?

Divide your goals into when you want to achieve them –   three years, 5 years and those that are further down the road.

Find out how much it would cost to achieve them.

E.g. How much would it cost to complete art school? Be as accurate as you can!

Decide how serious you are in wanting to achieve them.

A dream is only a dream until you put into action steps to achieving that dream. Separate items that are just “talk” from what is a burning desire. Focus on the burning desire!

Once you know the cost of achieving that dream, decide how much you will commit each month towards that dream.


Have that amount regularly deducted from your bank account and transferred automatically to an account earmarked for your dreams. It’s best to have that amount automatically taken off the day you get paid. What you don’t see you won’t miss.

Use Technology!

There are many apps that can help you keep track of your expenses and some go a step further by keeping track of what you save!

Instead of spending money on incidentals or compulsive shopping, why not be intentional and start ticking items off your bucket list.

Work with someone who can help you structure your finances towards saving or investing for that goal.

Let me show you how.

Celebrate once you’ve achieved that goal!

With focus and intention, you can achieve the items on your bucket list. The idea is to plan yet not get stuck on how it will show up.

Question is, how much do you really want it to? And are you willing to do what it takes?

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